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About Us

image19Angel Airline Samaritans (AAS) facilitates no-cost or reduced rate commercial airline tickets for needy cancer patients and their families. AAS encourages patient transport referrals through the patienttravel.org

Angel Airline Samaritans uses commercial airlines to provide charitable cancer patient travel. AAS does not duplicate any of the efforts of any other charity.

Patients use the charitable medical air transportation system to travel to and from distant specialized medical evaluations, diagnosis or treatments. Many patients and their families make multiple trips. Patients are asked to verify financial need and the patient’s primary physician will be asked to sign a form indicating that the travel is for essential and necessary medical care.

Visit patienttravel.org for information assistance. Information specialists will talk with the patient and determine the exact travel need and then refer them to the best type of assistance.

Nationally, scores of cancer patients travel every month through these charitable or reduced-rate means – making it possible for them to get the best possible specialized care and the best chance for life. AAS helps patients traveling to medical institutions all over the United States.

Patients no longer need turn down the option for specialized care at some distant medical facility due to the lack of a financial means to travel for the treatments.